Steel Silo

Steel silo,is a large grain storage container. As its name suggests, storage silo is used to store agriculture products for home appliance or large granary projects. Grain silo is widely used to store grains like rice, corn, wheat, soybean, barley, sorghum, sunflower seeds, palm kernel, buckwheat, millet, bran, peas, beans, rapeseeds, beet seeds, peanut, rye seeds, flour, feed, minor cereals and and other bulk granular crops, etc. Generally speaking, there are timber silo, plastic silo, cement silo and steel silo. Among these different types of silos, spiral steel silo is now the most popular choice for its outstanding features.

Steel silo has the function of moistureproof, insects and rodents prevention and convenient in and out of grains. Air tightness is pretty good, so it is suitable for use of pesticides. The steel silo is made of high quality galvanized sheet which can be use for 30 years and never rust. Grain silos are suitable for grain depot, feed mill, oil mill plant and farm use, etc.