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Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine


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    Roofing system roll forming machine has a big range of metal sheet profiles. It includes trapezoidal panel, corrugated panel, roof tile , glazed tile, metal deck, wall panel, standing seam, K span and ridge cap. Its products are widely used in roof and wall system in workshop construction and housing construction. 
    The normal machinable material thickness range of our roof panel roll forming machine is 0.3mm-0.8mm, the standard or more used in international market is Gauge 26 (0.45-0.5mm), working raw material is PPGI, Galvanized steel, Galvalume steel,Aluminum,etc. We design roll forming machine’s configuration according to your drawing, specially the pitch and height of each wave. Dingbo Technology is always your best choice of roof panel roll forming machine.
    Different countries has different its own commonly used profiles and name. Here are some machines more ordered by our customers:
    America Latina:
    TO-725 roll forming machine
    TO-30 roll forming machine
    TO-100 roll forming machine
    TR-72 roll forming machine
    TR-101 roll forming machine
    TR4 roll forming machine
    ①C8 roll forming machine
    ②C21 roll forming machine
    ③C18 roll forming machine
    UK: Box profile roll forming machine
    UAE: 35/200 PU Sandwich roof and wall panel roll forming machine
    South Africa: 
    IBR 686 roll forming machine
    Corrugated 762 roll forming machine
    We have exported to Holland, Spain, UK, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Croatia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Oman, UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, USA, South Africa, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria,Kenya, etc.
    In Construction Industries, we are able to manufacture more machines like C/Z purlin roll forming machine, drywall roll forming machine, stud roll forming machine, track roll forming machine, top hat roll forming machine, main channel roll forming machine, furring channel roll forming machine, clip roll forming machine, wall angle roll forming machine, metal deck(floor deck) roll forming machine, vigacero roll forming machine, roof/wall panel roll forming machine, roof tile roll forming machine, corrugated roll forming machine, losacero roll forming machine, ridge cap roll forming machine, etc.                          
    Working Flow
    Uncoiler —Feeding —Roll forming —Hydraulic cutting —Output table

    Machine Pictures

    1. Wall plate and chain transmission
    +++ 99
    ++ ++
    2. Guide post and gearbox transmission
    66 666
    3.Double layer roll forming machine
    555 66
    4.Manual uncoiler and Hydraulic uncoiler
    66 +++
    5.Output table and Auto stacker
    ++ 66

    Profile pics

    66 ++
    ++ ++


    ++ ++
    ++ ++


  • America Latina: 



    South Africa 
    35/200 PU Sandwich roof panel
    PU Sandwich wall panel 
    Glazed tile/Roof tile


    • Out table
      • Non-powered
      • Auto-stacker
    • Cutting
      • fast flyting cutting
    • Driving
      • Chain Drive 
      • Gearbox Drive
    • Stands
      • Wall Plate 
      • Casting Iron
      • Guide Post  
    • Decoiler
      • Manual Decoiler
      • Hydraulic Decoiler


Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine