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Highway Guardrail End Terminal Roll Forming Machine


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    The guardrail end terminals are designed to reduce damage to the vehicle and protect the lives of its occupants. End terminal need to be installed at each opening or at the end of a section of road. According to different driving directions, the guardrail end has two kinds of upstream anchor end and downstream round end. 
    Fishtail end is common terminal end with AASHTO M180 standard, it's famous in Middle East, Europe and American countries. 
    The normal thickness is around 4mm. So we adopt forged iron stands and gearbox driving to make sure this machine can work longly in a stable situation in the following 20 years. The punching speed can up to 70 times/minute.
    Hydraulic decoiler-Leveling-Servo feeder-Punching-Collector box


    The fishtail terminal end, as the name implies, is a type of guardrail end shape like a fishtail, that provides a shallow termination for a steel roadway guardrail fences along low speed traffic flow. The fishtail terminal is available for both W-beam and thrie beam guardrail systems and is ideal for double rail and walkways. Fishtail end terminal (end treatment) are easy to install, and can be modified for custom installations.
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Highway Guardrail End Terminal Roll Forming Machine